IBM Technical University for PowerSystems 2015 – Cannes (both sessions files included)

I’m traveling the world since my first IBM Technical University for PowerSystems in Dublin (4 years ago as far as I remember). I had the chance to be in Budapest last year and in Cannes this year (a little bit less funny for a French guy than Dublin and Budapest) but in a different way. I had this year the opportunity to be a speaker for two sessions (and two repeats) thanks to the kindness of Alex Abderrazag (thank you for trusting me Alex). My first plan was to go to Tokyo for the Openstack summit to talk about PowerVC but unfortunately for me I was not able to make it because of confidentiality issues I had with my current company (the goal here was to be a customer reference for PowerVC). I didn’t realized that creating two sessions from scratch on two topics which are pretty new would have been so hard for me. I thought it would take me a couple of hours for each one but it took me so many hours for each one that I now have to be impressed by people who are doing this as their daily job ;-) . Something that took me even more hours than creating the slides is the preparation of these two sessions (Speaker notes, practicing (special thanks here to the people who helped me to practice the sessions especially the fantastic Bill Miller ;-) ) and so on …). One last thing I didn’t realized is that you have to manage your stress. As it was my first time in a such a big event I can assure you that I was super stressed. One funny thing about the stress is that I didn’t have any stress anymore just one hour before the session. Before that moment I had to find solution to deal with the stress … and I just realized that I wasn’t stress because of the sessions but because I had to speak English in front of so much people (super tricky thing to do for a shy french guy, trust me !). My first sessions (on both topics) were full (no more chairs available in the room) and the repeat were ok too, so I think it was ok and I think I was not so bad at it ;-) .


I wanted here to thanks all the people who helped me to do this. Philippe Hermes (best pre-sales in France ;-) ) for believing in me and helping me to do that (re-reading my Powerpoint, and taking care of me during the event). Alex Abderrazag for allowing me to do that. Nigel Griffiths for re-reading the PowerVC session and giving me a couple of tips and tricks about being a speaker. Bill Miller and Alain Lechevalier for the rehearsal of both sessions and finally Rosa Davidson (she gave me the envy to do that). I’m not forgetting Jay Kruemcke who gave me some IBM shirts to do these sessions (and also for a lot of other things). Sorry for those whom I may have forgotten.

Many people asked me to share my Powerpoint files, you will find both files below in this post, here are the two presentations:

  • PowerVC for PowerVM deep dive – Tips & Tricks.
  • Using Chef Automation on AIX.

PowerVC for PowerVM deep dive – Tips & Tricks

This session is for PowerVC advanced users. You’ll find a lot of tips and tricks allowing you to customize your PowerVC. More than a couple of tips and tricks you’ll also find in this session how PowerVC works (images, activation, cloud-init, and so on). If you are not a PowerVC user this session can be a little bit difficult for you. But these tips and tricks are the lessons I learned from the field using PowerVC in a production environment:

Using Chef Automation on AIX

This session will give you all the basis to understand what is Chef and what you can do with this tool. You’ll also find examples on how to update service pack and technology level on AIX using Chef. Good examples about using Chef for post installation tasks and how to use it with PowerVC are also provided in this session.


I hope you enjoyed the session if you were at Cannes this year. On my side I really enjoyed doing that, it was a very good experience for me. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do that again. Feel free to tell my if want to see me in future technical events like these one. The next step is now to do something at Edge … not so sure this dream will come true any time ;-) .