An overview of the IBM Technical Collaboration Council for PowerSystems 2014

Since now eight ten months I decided to change my job for better or for worst. Talking about the better I had the chance to be enrolled for the Technical Collaboration Council for Power Systems (I’ll not talk about the worst … this could takes me hours to explain it..). The Technical Collaboration Council is not well known in Europe, and not well known for Power Systems and I think writing this blog post may offer a better worldwide visibility to the Technical Collaboration Council. It deserve a blog post :-).

To be clear and to avoid any problem to participate in the meeting you have first to sign a Non Disclosure Announcement. A lot of presentations are still IBM confidential. This said I had sign this NDA. So I cannot talk about the content of the meeting. Sure there is a lot of things to say but I have to keep it for me … :-)

But what is exactly the Technical Collaboration Council ? This annual meeting takes places in Austin Texas at the home of Power Systems :-). The duration is for one week from Monday to Friday. The Technical Collaboration Council is inviting biggest IBM customers all over the world. For a guy like me so involved in this community, coming here was a great opportunity and way to spread the word about my blog and my participation in the Power community. In fact we were just a few people coming from Europe and a lot of US guys. The TCC looks like an IBM Technical University in better … because you can participate during the meeting and answer to a lot of surveys about the shape of things to come about Power Systems :-) :-) :-) .

Here is what you can see and what you can do when you are coming to the TCC Power. And for me it’s exciting !!! :

  • Meetings about trends an directions about Power Systems (overview of new products (hardware and software), new functionality and new releases going to be released in the next year).
  • Direct Access to IBM Lab. You can go and ask the lab about a particular feature you need, or about something you didn’t understand. For instance I had a quick meeting with PowerVC guys (not only guys, sorry Christine) about my needs for the next few months. Another one : I had the chance to talk to the head manager of AIX and ask him about a few things I’d like to see in the new version of AIX (Who said an installation over http ?).
  • Big “names” of Power are here, they share and talk : Doug Ballog, Satya Sharma. Seeing them is always impressive !
  • Interaction and sharing with other customers : like me a lot of customers were here at the TCC and sharing about how they do things and how they use their Power Systems it ALWAYS useful. Had a few interesting conversations with guys from another big bank with the same constraints as me.
  • You can say what you think. IBM is waiting for you feedback .. positive or negative.
  • Demo and hands on new products and new functionality (Remember about the IBM Provisionning Toolkit for PowerVM & a cool LPM scheduler presented by STG lab services guys).
  • Possibility to enroll for beta programs … (in my case HMC)
  • You can finally meet guys you had on the phone or by mail since a couple of years in real. It’s always useful !
  • And of course lot of fun :-)

I had the chance to talk about my experience about PowerVC in front of all the TCC members. It was very stressful for a French guy like me … and I just had a few minutes to prepare … Hope it was good, but It was a great experience. You can do things like this at the TCC … you think PowerVC is good, just go on the scene and have 15 minutes talk about it … :-)


The Technical Collaboration Council is not just about technical stuffs and work. You can also have a lot of fun talking to IBM guys and customers. There are a lot of moments when people can eat and drink together and the possibility to share about everything is always here. And if I had to remember only one thing about the Technical Collaboration Council it will be that it is a great moment of sharing with others and not just about work and Power Systems. This said I wanted to thanks IBM and a lot of people for their kindness, their availability and all the fun they give us during this week. So thanks to : Philippe H., Patrice P., Satya S., Jay K., Carl B., Eddy S., Natalie M, Christine W, François L, Rosa D … and sorry for those I’ve forgotten :-). And never forget that Power is performance redefined.

Ok ; one last word. Maybe some of the customers who were here this year are going to read this post and I encourage you to react to this post and to post comments. Redhat moto is “We grow when we share”, but in such events I am (and we are) growing when IBM is sharing. People may think that IBM do not share … I disagree :-). They are doing it and they are doing it well ! And never forget that the Power Community is still alive and ready to rocks ! So please raise your voice about it. In such times, times of Media and Social we have to prove to IBM and to the world that is community is growing, is great, and is ready to share.
One last thing, the way to work in US seems to be very different than the way we do in Europe … could be cool to move to US

5 thoughts on “An overview of the IBM Technical Collaboration Council for PowerSystems 2014

  1. TCC was great! Really something that larger Power customers should join. See you next year

  2. Hi Benoit, great reading about the TCC, I only found out about it through a twitter response to your PowerVC redbook tweet. This sounds like an ideal event to attend for someone who is responsible for positioning POWER within a business partner (my new job). Do you know who I can get in touch with to enroll? Thanks

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